There will be 3 rounds of challenges, complete as many of the tasks as possible to earn points, the top 20 places will earn the following CNCT tokens.

Prizes are,

1st Place, 100,000 CNCT
2nd place, 75,000 CNCT
3rd Place,  50,000 CNCT
4th-10th Place, 20,000 CNCT
11th-20th Place, 10,000 CNCT


To take part in the bounty, just complete the following challenges.
Once you have completed as many challenges as you can then complete the Connect form below
Connect Form

To create a referral link, Register with connect then create a refferal.
register with connect
Create referral link
View referral link progress
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Round 1

Connect, is a community driven, Crowdfunding platform. Specializing in connecting investors with projects.

Required tools:

Follow Connect on Twitter

Join Connect on Discord

Follow Connect on Telegram
Follow the Connect channel on Reddit
Follow Connect on Instagram

Round 2

Required tools:

Retweet Connects next 3 Twitter posts
Add 3 or more friends to Connects Telegram
Add 3 or more friends to Connect Discord
Repost Connects next 3 posts on Instagram
Invite friends to follow Connect on Reddit.

Round 3

Required tools:

Share the Connect referral link to as many people as you can, Top 50 will receive points

Create an article about Connect, points awarded depending on quality
Create a video about Connect, points awarded depending on quality

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