Specializing in connecting investors with projects, offering an alternative way to raise capital.
Raise funding on the Connect platform.
Raise the funding needed for your project on the Connect crowdfunding platform. Connect will take care of all the Contract negotiations, Token sales + distribution and Escrow Agreements. You can decide to fund your projects by registering as a PLC and offering a percentage to any investors or by launching an ICO.
Diversify your portfolio

View the projects that are currently being advertised on the Connect Platform.
Choose to fund the projects in either, or both, Fiat and Cryptocurrencies.
Planning a project
Have you got an idea for a project or a business and are not sure how to get started? Send us an email or make contact on our various social media platforms and we can help you construct your idea into a working project.

Connect as a company will provide the best possible resources.We have a section for professionals to advertise their profiles, So whether your looking for a solicitor because of legal uncertainty or need to meet a developer to talk about creating your project, connect will try to make this as easy and seamless as possible.
Airdrops and Bounties
Connect airdrop and bounty campaigns. Helping to bring cryptocurrencies to the community, as well as, recognition to worth while ICO’s and developing companies. Browse our list of airdrops and bounty campaigns.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising capital from a large number of people.


 Connect platform is a user-friendly crowdfunding service, connecting investors with projects and projects with professionals.
Anyone is able to invest in the projects as long as the proposer is happy for them to do so.
By allowing this we feel we are giving people the chance to diversify their portfolios. Our aim is to allow people with drive and ambition to achieve their goals.
Investors can fund the projects using a select few cryptocurrencies and fiat we will also accept connect token Limited’s native token CNCT.
If the founder(s) are funding their project through an ICO, Then their terms and conditions will apply, all terms and conditions will be clearly displayed.
If the founder(s) are funding their project via our crowdfunding process, then, all investments will be secured with an escrow agreement, with Connect Platform Limited acting as the third party.
Once funding levels have been reached all parties involved will then be required to exchange legal contracts stating the agreed terms. When all parties are happy with the terms then funding will be released either in full or in stages depending on the agreement


 As the connect company matures we will seek partnerships with some of the leading investment firms, to be able to increase the scope of projects which we will be able to fund raise for and increase the amount of resources available to develop such projects.



The Connect token is an ERC20 based token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
CNCT token can be used as a option towards funding projects, a form of payment for advertising projects, airdrops and also as a contribution towards the charity fundraisers.



Contract address:
Token name: CONNECT
Token symbol: CNCT
Decimal places: 18
Max supply 100,000,000








How do i advertise my project?

You can follow the link on the Projects page and fill out the contact form and we will get back to you and go through the listing process.

Or you can make contact with Connect on any of our various social media sites.

Contacting professional resources?

You are able to contact any of the professionals advertised on the platform by following the links provide on there profile.

Can anyone invest in the various projects?

Anyone is able to invest in the projects as long as the project owners are happy for people to do so.

Can i advertise my profile in the Professional resource section?

If you work in a particular sector and feel you want to advertise your profile on our platform then follow the link at the bottom of the profession resource section and we will add your profile to the platform.

How to fund a project?

If you want to fund any of the projects you will need to register your details to Connect Platform by following the registration process which is located at the top of the page.

You will then be able to log on and off the Connect Platform.

Once you have registered you can follow the Fund Projects link and choose your preferred payment type.

donate to charity?

Anyone is able to make a donation towards the various charities advertised.

You can also make an anonymous donation if you do not wish to disclose your identity .

Choose the connect platform to raise the capital you need, or just to advertise your project / ICO for you.
Connect has got tailor made packages to suit your needs.

Previously advertised with Connect

The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing.

Designed and developed by traders, for traders.

CoTrader ICO

Investment funds platform, on mainnet, $1M hardcap Investing well is hard and time consuming, with 1000s of cryptos, ICOs, stocks and more.

CoTrader solves this problem by finding the best investors with onchain smart funds.
Contest prizes for the best traders pay out up to $100,000. Tokens may be staked or used to reduce fees. All contests revenues will buy back COT tokens to pay out vested token prizes to help discover and follow some of the best new fund managers in the world.


USDX Wallet is a blockchain-based cryptowallet made for instant payments. It features USDX − a stable cryptocurrency for everyday use. Pegged to the U.S. Dollar, USDX is a safe way to pay and store your funds. Setting up an account in the wallet is easy and takes only a minute. And best of all, there are no fees for payments in USDX.

USDX cryptocurrency is pegged to the much-used USD at a 1:1 ratio, making it easy to figure out your balance or calculate the amount to transfer. US dollar peg makes USDX a steady store of value. Stable price of USDX token is convenient for both customers and merchants, as it excludes the risk of a sudden price move. Having no transaction fees, USDX stablecoin acts perfectly as a payment method.

Raise the capital needed on the Connect Platform.

Raise the funding needed for your project on the connect crowdfunding platform.

Connect will take care of all the Contract negotiations, Token sales + distribution and Escrow Agreements.
You can decide to fund your projects by offering a percentage of the project to any investors or by launching an ICO.

Connect, is a community driven, Crowdfunding platform. Specializing in connecting investors with projects.

Advertise With Connect


Reach a wider audience and spread the word about your Airdrop and ICO.
We from Connect are working hard to increase our audience everyday and we will continue to do so.
Connect has developed 3 custom packages to give everyone an easy advertisement solution for there Bounty or Airdrop.


For more details, send us a message.

Our goal is to meet the basic 3 days food needs of people in crisis across Rushden & East Northants.

Once we have identified people in crisis we will work hard to improve their quality of life.
We will work closely with local organisations and agencies to reach out and help feed:

The hidden working poor
People on low incomes
People with social difficulties
People with mental health issues
The elderly

We provide equal opportunities to all and we will not turn anyone in real need away. Anyone who needs food is in our remit.

Our aim is to meet the immediate needs of those referred to us and of our service users and to establish the root cause of their crisis and determine how we can best help them to resolve these issues.

We work in partnership with other agencies and faith groups signposting service users to other support groups in Kettering in order to be of as much benefit to them as possible.

Those accessing the foodbank will come either as self presenting or via authorised agency referrals.

c/o Full Gospel Church,
60 High Street,
South Rushden,
NN10 0QX,
Registered Charity No. 1154210



To donate ethereum, scan the QR code or copy and paste the ethereum wallet address:


Thank you!


To donate bitcoin cash, scan the QR code or copy and paste the bitcoin cash wallet address:


Thank you!


To donate ethereum, scan the QR code or copy and paste the ethereum wallet address:


Thank you!

For Donating CNCT
Donation Target Amount
Start Date
End Date
Want to set up a fund raiser for a charity or project that you feel strongly about?

Send connect the information and contact details for the charity or project and we can set up a fundraiser on our platform. Just fill out the form down below with as much information as you can and let connect do the rest

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